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Property Taxes

How To Calculate Your Property Taxes In York County SC

If you are thinking about purchasing a home, how do you calculate your estimated York County South Carolina property taxes?

Property taxes are due no later than Jan 15th, without late payment penalties.

If you own property within York County SC, you normally receive your tax bill around the middle of October. If you didn’t receive your tax bill, You can view your taxes and pay your tax bill online at

If you are thinking about purchasing a home and what to estimate your taxes for Your County SC, here is how to estimate your property taxes.

The formula is Appraised Value x Assessment Ratio x Millage Rate = Taxes

Following are examples :

If you will live in your home you will qualify for the 4% owner occupied/legal
residence rate.

Example: $150,000 property in District 2 Newport
$150,000 (appraised value) x 4% (assessment ratio) = $6,000.00 x 0.1106 (millage rate) = $663.60

Note: If you don’t live on the property (except manufacturing), you will be accessed at a 6% rate plus the 6% listed millage rate.

If you will live in your home, you will need to complete your application for a special assessment with the Tax Assessor’s office. After the 4% application has been accepted, the Auditor’s Office will issue a new tax notice at the 4% assessment. YCSC MILLAGE CHART 2020

County links – there are three different County departments that play a role in your property taxes.

Finally, The County Assessor’s office  has a great property record and GIS mapping online tool. You can view your property’s assessed values and see a detailed property map online at